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Unconditional Love Hat

The Unconditional Love Hat is a cozy and stylish accessory that looks and feels amazing on everyone! Create a classically modern look or embody the mystical gypsy in you; The Love Hat can be worn two ways as a scarf or a snood. Share it with others by taking them through The Unconditional Love Portal for a special moment of connection and love. Fall in love with this magical hat that loves you back!

The Love Portal

When sharing The Love Hat with a partner, bring your foreheads close together or touching. The person wearing the hat transfers the hat to the other. We recommend keeping your eyes open to experience the visual "portal" effect, and look at your partner inside. This is where a lot of fun happens! This small act of sharing a moment, even for just a few seconds with another person, has resulted in the most spontaneous, sometimes giggly, often hilarious, and definitely tender loving moments between friends/lovers every time.


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