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Patty Yuniverse is an artist, producer, and entrepreneur who has inspired millions with her funny viral videos and positive messages online. By supporting this business, you are also supporting a movement of women entrepreneurs who aim to make a positive difference in the world. Patty has partnered with career CEO and expert turnaround CEO, Dr. Aaron Levy, to help develop this business through every stage. Both Patty and Dr. Levy are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and see the Unconditional Love brand as a platform for empowering others to actualize their dreams.


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This adorable scarf, snood, scoodie is the cuddliest thing you'll wear this winter. We discovered the magic of this hat with our first prototype, when we watched it transform every single person who put it on into a giant ball of Unconditional Love, and we melted from how cute they looked. It was like MAGIC! How can something look so great on EVERYONE? We turned the camera on our friends, and started capturing the beauty...and thus was born The Unconditional Love Hat. All models featured on this site are real people and friends, old and new, whom we've met and shared The Unconditional Love Hat with on our journey!

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